What We Believe

Core Beliefs of Sojourners Church

The core beliefs of Sojourners Church reflect the central teachings of orthodox Christianity throughout the centuries. These beliefs are rooted in Scripture and reaffirmed in various creeds throughout church history. Although you don’t have to be able to perfectly define and persuasively defend these core beliefs to be a member, denial of a single core belief disqualifies a person from membership in Sojourners Church. Our core beliefs are as follows:

  • the Trinity
  • the full deity and humanity of Christ
  • the spiritual depravity of the human race
  • the propitiating death and bodily resurrection of Christ
  • salvation by grace through faith in Christ
  • the physical return of Christ
  • the inspiration, infallibility, and ultimate authority of Scripture
  • the reality that marriage can only exist as the union of one biological man and one biological woman
Doctrinal Distinctives of Sojourners Church

Sojourners Church is committed to several doctrinal distinctives that, unlike the core beliefs above, are not embraced by all orthodox Christians. Nevertheless, we believe that these distinctives represent the best understanding of Scripture, so our elders passionately preach, teach, and counsel members of the church in harmony with these distinctives. Though it is not necessary for a member to fully embrace these doctrinal distinctives, a potential member must discuss any concerns over them with an elder before joining the church and agree to remain non-divisive over them after joining the church. Most notably, we affirm the following doctrinal distinctives:

  • the sovereignty of God in salvation
  • the pursuit of our fullest joy in the glory of God through Christ (Christian Hedonism)
  • local church rule by a plurality of elders
  • complementary roles for men and women in the church and home
  • believers baptism and communion
  • the spiritually nourishing presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper
  • desire, discernment, and decency in the use of all the spiritual gifts

Sojourners Church is grateful for Bethlehem College and Seminary in providing theological education for a number of our elders. We have adopted, with permission, the (right-click the link to save a copy). This 52-page document is the fullest expression of our beliefs at Sojourners Church.

Marriage, Gender, & Sexuality