Summary Points: 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

1. God's glory is reflected and therefore at stake in men and women understanding, embracing, and living in a way that shows their equal value yet different roles in marriage. (v.3)

2. Headship and submission in human relationships is ONLY between a husband and a wife. No other man (even an elder in a church) is "head" over someone that is not his wife.(cf. vv.3-6, Eph. 5:22-33)

3. Men are not independent or superior to women. Women are to be seen for the "glory" that they are to their husbands, the need their husbands have for them, and the value they have in adding to the wisdom of the body of Christ. (v.7, vv.11-12)

4. Paul is calling the Corinthians to reflect these gospel realities and roles by wearing a physical symbol (a head covering) on their heads during worship. Married women wore head coverings in this culture whenever in public, while other women did not. To take off your head covering was to make yourself available to other men, which was a present movement at the time Paul was writing this letter. (vv. 4-6, 10, 13)

5. Paul shows from creation and what is "natural" that the roles God has ordained in marriages are to be maintained for his glory and gospel, and they should not let culture seep into their worship services in this way (as was the problem with so many things in Corinth) and distract others with this defiance. (vv.7-9, vv.13-15)

6. Head coverings are no longer a Christian mandate because they were tied to the culture of that time. However, reflecting the biblical roles of husband and wife that God has ordained remains a timeless mandate to follow. (vv.4-6, vv.8-9, v.3)