1 Corinthians 15:35-49: We Shall Bear the Image of Christ

Introduction: Sown in Weakness, Sadness of Death

  1. Analogy of Full Life from Death (vv.36-38)
  2. Analogy of Varied Bodies for Varied Purposes (vv.39-41)
  3. Bodies Bearing the Image of Jesus (vv.42-49)

Application: Raised in Power, Rejoicing in Life


Lord, we feel our weakness and the sadness of death that whispers to us in every suffering and every sin. Help us remember that you have already conquered sin and death by your death and resurrection. Help us remember that there is full life coming for all those in Christ. Help us remember that these sinful, suffering bodies will be raised to perfect, powerful bodies. Help the hope of the resurrection fill us with joy that you have secured our future and you are our life. Help that joy propel us to live for your glory in the midst of sin and suffering. And Lord, help our joy as we await that day overflow to others who need to know of your death and resurrection.