1 Corinthians 15:20-34: But, Christ Has Been Raised

Introduction - Drunk: Selfishness and Sin

  1. Our Sure Resurrection With Christ (vv.20-23)
  2. The Sure Reign of Christ (vv.24-28)

Application - Sober Up: Turn from Sin to Sacrifice (vv.29-34)


Corporate Prayer:

Lord, help us not to be drunk on our selfishness and our sin. Help us remember the reality of our resurrection with you that will come and means that life in these bodies now matters.

Help us remember that we don't live for this life or our little slice of heaven on earth now, but we live for eternity with you. Help us remember that you are reigning and you will reign forever and deliver the kingdom to your Father for his glory.

And Lord, as we fill our minds with these realities, help us sober up and turn from lives of selfish sin to lives of humble sacrifice until the day we see you face to face, the one who lived a life of humble sacrifice to save us from our sins.