1 Corinthians 11:17-34: Come Together for Jesus, Not For Judgment

Introduction: Worldly Fellowship

1. You Come Together Divided (vv.17-19)

2. Therefore, It's Not Really the Lord's Supper (vv.20-26)

3. Therefore, Unworthy Partaking is Serious (v.27)

4. Therefore, We Should Examine Closely (vv.28-32)

5. Therefore, Wait for Each Other (vv.33-34)

Application: Gospel Fellowship


Prayer Points

1. Adore Christ for his sacrifice and all the promises of God that are now yours because of the New Covenant.

2. Confess any unrepentant sin in your life or any bitterness you have toward other members of God's blood-bought family.

3. Thank God for sending his Son to purchase your freedom from sin and purchase your family in Christ.

4. Pray that God would bring about genuine, blood-bought, Spirit-wrought fellowship in the family at Sojourners. Pray for fellowship that would be contagious to the watching world.