"Your Labor is Not in Vain" - 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

1. Our Transformation  (vv.50-53)

2. Our Triumph (vv. 54-57)

Application: Hope-Filled Work for Another World (v.58)


Lord, help us not put all of our energy in working for the reward of this life. Instead, let us look to the day when we will rise with Christ and be transformed. And, let us live this live in light of our triumph in Christ. Indeed, Jesus has fulfilled the law on our behalf and taken the curse of sin on our behalf, so that we give him all of the thanks for our resurrection hope. Death has been defeated, it has no sting and it has no victory over those in Christ, and so instead of fearing death and living for this life, let us fix our eyes on Jesus and abound in his work because we know it is not in vain.